I Dig Summer

Warmer weather isn’t only for vacations, the pool and beach visits! During these longer days of summer, you’re likely also contacting Indiana and Kentucky 811 more often. One of Indiana and Kentucky 811’s busiest seasons for excavation has begun, and if you’ve called us recently, you may have noticed longer than usual hold times as a result. Luckily, we have an easy solution.

The “I Dig Summer” contest is back!


The Indiana and Kentucky 811 Web Ticket Entry systems allow excavators to submit information about planned excavation online, so they can focus on the actual job at hand and bypass time often spent on hold to submit a ticket request. As a result, we invite excavators to participate in the “I Dig Summer” contest by submitting their utility locate requests online for the chance to win:

·       A two-night conference package to the Midwest Damage Prevention Training Conference

·       Cash prizes in the form of Visa gift cards

Plus, while supplies last, all new Web Ticket Entry users will receive a free “I Dig Summer” contest T-shirt!

The “I Dig Summer” contest will run from May 29, 2019 through Sept. 4, 2019. For more information about the contest rules, click here.


Click below for additional Web Ticket Entry information and resources:


I Dig Summer Printable Card

This summer, remember, save time and go online!