Web and Design Entry User Requirements User Application

  • The right to use Kentucky 811 online services is a privilege given to you for your convenience by Kentucky 811. Failure to comply with all rules governing those online submissions will result in having those privileges revoked.
  • For each online service, the Web User must read the reference documents, familiarize themselves with the training materials, and complete a training session approved by the Kentucky 811 staff.
  • DO NOT SHARE YOUR LOG-IN INFORMATION. Web Tickets and Design Tickets are legal documents and the account holder is held responsible for all information entered on tickets created under their account. Individuals caught sharing accounts are subject to account suspension or TERMINATION WITHOUT WARNING.
  • The Web User will accept all responsibility for the web entry accuracy and authenticity. It is the Web Users responsibility to make sure all tickets are entered according to Kentucky State Laws as well as Kentucky 811 rules and regulations.
  • The WEB TICKETS and DESIGN TICKETS will inform users of Member Utilities notified. Member Utilities are not responsible for locating private lines, or lines that run past the meter. IT IS THE WEB USERS RESPONSIBILITY TO NOTIFY ANY NON-MEMBER UTILITIES. A list of the current Kentucky 811 Member Utilities can be obtained on our website at www.Kentucky811.org.

Web Ticket User Agreement

  • The Web Ticket Entry program is designed for NORMAL NOTICE TICKETS ONLY. All Emergency, Damage, and Additional Notice tickets as well as ticket cancellations and corrections must be processed through Kentucky 811 by calling 811 or 800-752-6007.

Design Ticket User Agreement

  • Please note that upon submitting a Design Ticket, the Member Utility has 10 full working days to provide the best available description of all utility facilities currently within the area of the proposed excavation.
  • A request for a design locate is only used for bidding, preconstruction engineering, or other advance planning efforts.  A DESIGN LOCATE REQUEST MAY NOT BE USED FOR EXCAVATION PURPOSES.

Design Tool Inquiry User Agreement

  • Participant agrees that designs created while using the Design Tool Inquiry are for planning purposes only, that no digging will be taking place at that location, that no ticket will be transmitted to the utilities in question, and that all information obtained by using this tool is proprietary

As stated above, the right to use the Kentucky 811 online services is not guaranteed, but is a privilege provided for your convenience by Kentucky 811. Failure to comply with all rules governing the submission of requests will result in having the privilege revoked.

By clicking the “Next” link below to advance to the application, you indicate that you understand and agree to the User Agreement and agree to hold Kentucky 811 free from all liability.

This application is not valid unless executed by an authorized individual of Kentucky 811. The user will be notified by a representative of Kentucky 811, either by e-mail or phone to acknowledge receipt of application and to schedule your training session.

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Web Ticket - Create your own normal notice ticket. Design Ticket - Used for planning and survey purposes. Utilities are notified and have 10 full business days to respond by providing the best available description of all buried utility facilities within the designated area. THIS DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A LEGAL LOCATE TICKET. Design Inquiry - Generate a list of contact information for member utilities to be used for advanced planning purposes. THIS DOES NOT CREATE A LOCATE TICKET AND UTILITIES WILL NOT BE NOTIFIED.
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